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Distribution and Operation of Kneader Blades


  Kneader is a kind of intermittent equipment. There are two Z-shaped blades installed in the kneader. They rotate in opposite direction at different rotating speeds. The ratio of rotation is about 1.9:l. Therefore, the materials in the kneader are sheared, stretched and dispersed. At the same time, the whole material moves in the axial and radial direction. The clearance between blade and groove wall is about 1 mm. It also has extrusion effect on the material, eliminating the stagnation zone, so the material mixes well.

There are two types of blade installation in kneader: two-blade tangential type and two-blade partial overlapping type. When the tangential blade rotates, the relative position of the blade is constantly changed, so that the material can be quickly mixed. The heat transfer area of the blade in unit volume is large, the heat transfer rate is large, and the material can not be easily wound on the blade. Partially overlapped blades are often used to treat adhesive materials, which can prevent the material from adhering to the blades due to its self-cleaning effect.



Company:Rugao Dongxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:Dongchen Town Industrial Zone, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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