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Breaking through bottleneck and leaping development of kneaders in China


The development of kneading machine manufacturing industry in China is currently affected by setbacks in the overall economic environment, low profits in the industry, and bottlenecks in domestic technology. The current development situation is not optimistic, and financing difficulties aggravate this dilemma. Many enterprises call on China to strengthen R&D investment in kneading machine manufacturing industry, take a high-end development route, and strengthen automation design to avoid low-level duplication of construction.

Overseas kneading machine manufacturing industry has a long history. To some extent, domestic enterprises follow the pace of foreign countries, whether in production, technology, or sales, are placed in the global economic integration. For a long time, the outstanding advantage of domestic kneading machine manufacturing industry is cost. There are many reasons, such as low cost of human resources and sufficient raw materials, but this advantage is not sustainable. With the development of domestic economy and the low demand for kneading machines abroad, this advantage can easily be erased by the technological advantages of foreign enterprises. This gap tends to be more pronounced, especially when the global economy is generally depressed.

On the premise that domestic and foreign products have the same quality and price, priority should be given to purchasing domestic equipment. Zhang Dong, Director of Gear Technology Research and Development Center of Nanjing Kneading Machinery Research Institute, also believes that while paying attention to basic technology research, the state should strengthen its support for domestic equipment, and consider establishing incentive mechanism for domestic equipment under the same conditions. Domestic kneader manufacturers should also upgrade product quality and service network and keep pace with imported equipment.



Company:Rugao Dongxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:Dongchen Town Industrial Zone, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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