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Key Points of Installation and Use of Vacuum Kneader


Vacuum kneader is one of the most expensive kneaders. It has compact overall structure, small size, light weight, and allows high speed I (centrifugal force at high speed can make oil better filled into sealed I cavity), which can achieve higher volume efficiency, better oil absorption conditions and long service life. It can be used in silicone rubber, glass glue, butyl rubber, hot melt adhesive, etc. Chemical industry has a good application. In order to ensure the high efficiency of the vacuum kneader, the following points should be paid attention to when the vacuum kneader is installed and used:

1. After the kneader is installed, clean, decontaminate and wipe the rust-proof grease first. Check all lubrication points and inject lubricating oil (grease). Lubricating oil generally uses No. 30-40 mechanical oil. The new kneader should be refueled for the first time after 500 hours of use, and it must be replaced. After that, it should be replaced every six months (8 hours working system). If the working time is long every day, the oil changing time can be shortened appropriately. Feed valves and bearings should be regularly replaced with grease, new feeding valves, grease should choose sodium-based grease.

2. Before driving, check the tightening degree of the triangle belt. When adjusting, the motor can be moved to the appropriate position by adjusting the bolt. The belt is suitable for tightening. Regular inspection, adjustment or replacement of transmission chains should also be brushed with appropriate amount of mechanical oil, and regular cleaning of chains.

3. Check the safety of kneader circuit and electrical equipment before commissioning. If it is an electric heating kneader, it is necessary to check the reliability of its grounding device. The kneading room should also be cleaned up and run for 10-15 minutes. After confirming that the machine is working properly, it will be put into production. Generally, the noise of new gears (including reducers) may be larger in initial use, and it will decrease naturally when they are in operation for a period of time.

4. When using steam heating, safety valves and pressure gauges should be installed at the intake pipeline. Steam pressure must not exceed the requirement of mixing cylinder using the label knowledge. Steam pipeline is not allowed to leak. When the machine is out of service, the valve should be closed and the reliability of safety valve pressure gauge should be ensured.

5. If the mixing paddle is kneaded, the inversion should be minimized.

6. There should be no leakage of raw materials in the sealing part of wall panels.

7. The kneader shall be overhauled after six months of operation to check the damage degree of the vulnerable parts and make appropriate adjustments and replacements.



Company:Rugao Dongxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:Dongchen Town Industrial Zone, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

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